• Welcome to SP4RK

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    We are a team of 4 young professional enthusiasts committed to develop simple Android applications.

    Do you have to get an app designed in Android. Contact us. We design, develop and deliver apps as per your requirement.

    Our Applications

    • Cricket Scorer
    • EMI Calculator
    • Yes No
  • Cricket Scorer

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    Ever got into a silly spat or serious fight over cricket score??

    Need the simplest way to count balls in an over or runs in a match??

    Looking for a summary of the gully cricket match???

    Here is the uber-cool Cricket Scorer app. Simple and user-friendly.

    Get the summary of the entire match.

    Keep track of the score ball-by-ball and run-by-run.

    Cricket Scorer is still in beta - we are working hard to fix bugs, add new features, and improve compatibility with more devices. Thanks for your patience and support.

    Cricket Scorer on Google Play

  • EMI Calculator

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    Calculate Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for Home Loan / Housing Loan / Car Loan & Personal Loan.

    SMS or Mail the results.

    Calculate the monthly amortization/statistics for the entire tenure.

    Confused between two plans?? Use the compare feature to test the best for you.

    Calculate the maximum eligibility of Loan for different interest rates.

    EMI Calculator on Google Play

  • Yes No

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    Toss with out a coin??

    Throw the risk of taking a decision on some one else?

    Then you need me.

    Open me every time you wanna toss or whenever you are confused.

    I'll suggest you what to do.

    Do not test me for the facts.. coz I do not worry about them :)

    Yes No on Google Play